World's Best Volume Photo Cropping!

  • Runs as a Photoshop plugin for CC 2019 or higher
  • NEW ALGORITHM - Chin to Top of Subject
    Face Crop is the ONLY PROGRAM to have this feature!!! This method will recognize the top of bows, graduation caps, tall hair, or anything else on the top of the head. This ensures consistent top margins for every crop.
  • Head sizing only algorithm is also an option
  • Create custom cropping presets
  • Batch process - can batch multiple presets at once
  • Compatible with transparent cutout images


Photoshop Plugin Requirements

  • Photoshop CC 2019 or higher (PC or Mac)
  • Latest Release - Version 2.0.0
  • Compatible with Portrait Crop license keys

Quick Demo Video


NEW GAME CHANGING ALGORITHM - Chin to top of subject alignment!

Face Crop 2.0 fixes a MAJOR PROBLEM with face detection auto cropping. Not being able to accurately align the top of the head when there are bows, graduation caps, tall hair, ect is a big problem that has plagued ALL face detection cropping programs. This problem is solved with Face Crop 2.0!!!!! It is the ONLY commercially available software with this particular algorithm. It will accurately align both the chin and the top of the subject which will detect the top of the hair, bow, graduation cap or anything else attached to the head that is part of the subject. The user also has the option to run the face detection alignment only (old method) because there may be times when you don't want to include hats or whatever for the crop sizing.

TEST AND COMPARE the new Face Crop algorithm to ANYTHING on the market, in ANY price range. You won't find another program that has this level of accuracy and consistency!!!

Create custom cropping presets and run multiple in batch

You can create an unlimited number of cropping presets. You can also run an unlimited number of presets in the same batch. You can run presets to set different crops or to crop different aspect ratios. You can create all crops for you entire pictures packages in a single batch run.

Example: 3 custom presets with different zoom/position

Example: 3 custom presets with different crop aspect ratios

Works with green screen or cutout images

If you shoot green screen the you can use Face Crop either before or after extracting the images. Face Crop works will work with images that have transparency and the cropping results will be identical. The batch cropping can save cutouts with transparency as PNG, TIF or PSD.

Example: Batch cropping ran before image extraction

Example: Batch cropping ran after image extraction

Glasses – No Problem!

Glasses don't cause issues with the face detection. Even when the glases have glare, the face detection is not a problem.

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